In 2014 I bought a block of land in Junee to build a house on.  Initially I was going to use a large company to do the building, I was promised a lot of things but the building didn’t get started. I did of bit of homework and found I wasn’t being told the truth about everything.  Due to the delays I managed to find a local builder, Baden Lancaster.  He showed me his own house that he had built and I could see the quality in the work that had been done there.  His wife, Renee, did the drawings for the house after I had told her what I wanted and that suited the land.  The final drawing was one that had everything I wanted in it with a design from Renee and Baden’s experience that made it even better.   The price quoted by Baden was almost the same as for the house I was going to get from the large company but with better inclusions.  I made a good decision to use Lancaster Building.

The contract with all the details in it, as well as another booklet that detailed the pricing allowed for all of the items, was made up and fully explained to me before I signed the contract.  In choosing the fixtures and colours I had the freedom to make my own choices but I also had Baden and Renee to help me which made a difficult job a lot easier and stopped me making the wrong choice of colours.

The building started towards the end of 2015 and Baden kept me informed of how every stage was going and sent me photo’s of the progress.  The whole process went really well, Baden used good quality tradesmen with him overseeing their work to be sure a good job was done. We talked about each stage of the project with me having a lot of input where I wanted to.  Baden’s suggestions on the way when I had to make decisions on things always turned out to be right and I have ended up with an outstanding house that is better than what I expected at the start and it was all completed by mid April 2016 even with the Christmas/New Year break.

I would recommend Lancaster Building to anyone needing a house built or for an extension of an existing house as from my experience I saw that Baden works with pride in what he is doing and delivers great work with good quality materials.   My experience took a lot of stress out of building a house.

Stephen Kos